Ha! Can you tell I didn’t know what to call this post? Maybe one day I will write a post about the delicious little breakfast sausages that I am actually probably happy to not eat often. Today is not that day.

I love a good blogroll, and since I’ve been participating in WordPress’s free Blogging 101 course, I’m so excited that today’s assignment was “Build a Better Blogroll!” I’m not the best at finding and sharing content (I’m pretty much downright horrible at it…) but these are some of the things that I found this week that I really, really liked!

First off, tomorrow might be Pi Day, but today is 313 Day! This sadly doesn’t really apply to anybody who isn’t from or near the city of Detroit (313 is, of course, the Detroit area code), but I thought that was a fun thing that’s going on and wanted to share the significance of the day!

Also, Margaret Atwood is releasing a new book in September…

Christy at The Geekquinox Effect thinks Carl will be the last man standing on The Walking Dead (she is probably not wrong…)

Courtney at Hello, My Name is Girl wrote a touching piece about sexual assault on Christian college campuses

Kacie and I did a spring reading link-up

My pen pal Meg wrote a blog post about caring for color-treated hair

My reproductive health spirit animal Nicole Jardim wrote a “Day in the Life Post” about being a women’s health coach

What links do you love this week?

2 thoughts on “SMOKY LINKS

    • shelbyfromthtwp says:

      I find that observation kind of fascinating! I’d never really thought of it that way before, but in the scheme of things, it is interesting that they commented on it being a standalone. Trilogies kind of seem the norm lately though, almost. One novel isn’t enough, but anything more than three is just too big of a commitment for readers, I guess. I’m excited though because Ms. Atwood is one of my very favorite writers.

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