041715_1Hi, all! I hope you had great weeks and that your weekend plans go off without a hitch! I have a friend from high school coming to visit until tomorrow morning, and also, I am SO PSYCHED for the new season of Orphan Black, which is premiering tomorrow night on BBC America and all AMC networks! Toni is coming over to watch with me, so it’s gonna be a great time!

(Also shout out to my little booger, Boone, who turned two this week! It’s like he came home just yesterday! I’ll never forget how BIG his paws were in relation to the rest of his little puppy body!)

Meg and a friend are creating a new chapter of Geek Girl Brunch… in Grand Rapids, MI!

Kacie did the Chocolate Book Challenge, which pairs two of my favorite things together: reading and chocolate! Reading is so delicious!

This BookRiot essay about why it can’t be necessary to sugarcoat YA (I have never been so happy to read a piece about YA in my life)

There was an article in the NYT that demonized Millennials and sang praise for a generation of kids just barely out of high school… and makes me want to scream

My little cousin has been vlogging and last week he and my grandma came to visit me. If you go to 6:14 you can see what he thinks of me. I think he sums me up pretty accurately. (It is hard for me to accept his lumberjack beard though because he’s my baby cousin)

If I’m going to share links to videos, I can’t share this one often enough!: a short film by my friend Erin Cohen and her friend Imogen Hopper about a girl whose dream is to be on Shark Week

ALSO: I review nonfiction books for IGGPPC, and there is definitely no shortage of nonfiction books out there but I wanted some suggestions, if you have any, of books whose subject matter falls outside of the United States. I would love for my nonfiction selections to become more diverse and to include works by authors whose first language isn’t English, or more generally, who are not from the US or Western Europe. If you have any suggestions, tweet at me or give them in the comments below!

What caught your attention this week?


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