I was nominated for this fun Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Rosa from Gingerbread Sagas. Thank you very much for the nom, Rosa!

The rules

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3. You must share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you.
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7 random facts you might not know about me
1. Water might be my favorite thing. I like to drink it, swim in it, go tubing on it, to shower in it, watch it fall as rain or snow… I like rivers, lakes, and oceans. My home state is quite literally (mostly) surrounded by water (on three sides). I really like the stuff.

2. I get annoyed when I see girls posing pigeon-toed for pictures. I was born with something similar to pigeon toes and had to wear corrective shoes to fix it, and even then, my feet are still kind of messed up in spite of it. So even though I guess it’s cutesy and makes your thighs look smaller, I find it irritating as all get-out when I see people intentionally doing it in pictures.

3. One of my life goals is to travel to Antarctica. Other places too, but Antarctica is The Big One.

4. I have at least 5 ideas for creative writing projects happening at any one time. However, I am somehow both a perfectionist and incredibly unfocused, which is why I can’t seem to finish (or in some cases, start) a writing project. It’s a major source of frustration for me. (Additional fun fact: I wanted to write a book of essays called One of Those Girls, but then Lena Dunham wrote a nonfiction book with a similar title. Thanks a lot, Lena Dunham.)

5. If I were hosting a movie marathon on the Turner Classic Movies channel, the four movies I’d pick would be The African Queen, Splendor in the Grass, Silence of the Lambs, and something lighter (like, wayyyy lighter after SitG and SotL) like Friday.

6. If there were such a thing as a mental condition where one thinks everything they see in movies and television is based on Shakespeare’s plays (but mostly Hamlet), I’d have that. Somehow I am convinced that most of the things I watch are somehow influenced by Shakespeare. The Lion King and Sons of Anarchy, yeah, for sure. But Weeds? I’m not sure how I decided that Weeds is based on Hamlet.

7. One of my best friends has described me as “very contrarian,” to which my response was obviously, “I AM NOT!” Yup. That’s me.

Was any of that particularly shocking to you?

Thanks again for the nomination, Rosa! For the next round, I nominate: