A Look Back: My First Vlogust and What I Learned From It

If you follow me on YouTube, you’ll know that I decided to participate in Vlogust, in which people post a video a day through the month of August. Some post subject-specific videos to their channels; my friend Toni posted videos about making pinback buttons and running an online business. Other choose to do daily vlogs, in which they record bits and pieces of their everyday lives. I opted to do this, because daily vlogs are my absolute favorite kind of video.

However, I don’t do very much, and I knew this going into it. Also taking into account how new I am at making videos, I decided that my goal would be to do at least 10 days for Vlogust.

I made it–barely. The fact that I don’t do much made me a little self-conscious to vlog. Spending time with my family and friends (save Toni) also made me a little self-conscious. But that said, I did end up getting 10 videos and recording more than 10 days of footage.

What I think went well:

  • I’m happy with the way my intro card turned out (the footage of Boone jumping into my parents’ pool) and think the music paired well with it
  • Considering my car broke down on the first day of Vlogust, I think I started out pretty strong where content is concerned
  • In my last video I discuss my plans with Toni (who did a video every day on her own channel, here) for future videos and how we think Vlogust went; it wasn’t planned but I enjoyed it

What I’d do differently next time:

  • Being that it’s summer I want to do more outside of the house, so maybe by this time next year I’ll be more comfortable with vlogging in public
  • I’d just prefer to do more in general next time, like going to the beach or something at least once
  • I’d like to be more consistent with doing my “Hello and welcome to Vlogust Day [number]!” next time. I plan to do this during Vlogmas for sure!

What’s next?

To be honest, I don’t  100% know all of what I’ll be doing next. I have a million interests and I don’t think of myself as an expert at anything, so I’m kind of viewing my channel as a creative outlet where I can post whatever I want. I know that in October I will be having a Fall Favorites video to do (I am doing my favorites videos every 3 months instead of every month). Because I like cooking videos, I also want to post a new cooking video once a month; however, in October I’m challenging myself to make a new cooking video featuring pumpkin as a key ingredient every week. I have a few more ideas that will involve writing a script, but those are of a more personal nature and I think I want to hold off on that.

Making a Dream Come True (I Joined YouTube)


It’s been a while, I know.

As a blogger, I generally feel like I have one identity crisis after another. While I identify as a geek girl, I don’t always enjoy writing about the things I geek out over, like general pop culture or history or even books. While I identify as a feminist, I don’t always like reading or writing blog posts about feminism or social justice issues. While I identify as an enthusiastic and voracious reader, I hardly ever want to write about the books I’ve read, partly because the genres I read don’t seem to resonate with other people. A lot of the people whose blogs I read seem to prefer YA or graphic novels, and these are, of course, great genres with great stories to tell, but there isn’t a huge interest in literary fiction or nonfiction.

So, long story short: I never quite know what to write about. And a lack of ideas means no blog posts.

This April, however, I had a moment. I told myself to shit or get off the pot. For years I had wanted to do something, and had even talked about it very seriously at one point recently, and never did it. And in April, it happened. I decided to just go and do it.

I started a YouTube channel. It was a simple video; I happened to be dogsitting for my parents while they were in Florida and pulled out my phone to record Boone and I playing fetch.

And then I made another one. And another. It’s not much, but I now have 5 videos up and I plan on having more up soon.

I thought I would share that first video of Boone and I in the yard. And since I’m excited about this change, maybe I’ll be back with more content for you all soon!