Making a Dream Come True (I Joined YouTube)


It’s been a while, I know.

As a blogger, I generally feel like I have one identity crisis after another. While I identify as a geek girl, I don’t always enjoy writing about the things I geek out over, like general pop culture or history or even books. While I identify as a feminist, I don’t always like reading or writing blog posts about feminism or social justice issues. While I identify as an enthusiastic and voracious reader, I hardly ever want to write about the books I’ve read, partly because the genres I read don’t seem to resonate with other people. A lot of the people whose blogs I read seem to prefer YA or graphic novels, and these are, of course, great genres with great stories to tell, but there isn’t a huge interest in literary fiction or nonfiction.

So, long story short: I never quite know what to write about. And a lack of ideas means no blog posts.

This April, however, I had a moment. I told myself to shit or get off the pot. For years I had wanted to do something, and had even talked about it very seriously at one point recently, and never did it. And in April, it happened. I decided to just go and do it.

I started a YouTube channel. It was a simple video; I happened to be dogsitting for my parents while they were in Florida and pulled out my phone to record Boone and I playing fetch.

And then I made another one. And another. It’s not much, but I now have 5 videos up and I plan on having more up soon.

I thought I would share that first video of Boone and I in the yard. And since I’m excited about this change, maybe I’ll be back with more content for you all soon!

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